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Car Repair Services

Mobile Car Service | Paint Respray

Customer comment:

Being a sales rep, I clock up a fair few miles and with that the inevitable collection of scrapes and scratches.

I have called on Nigel’s expertise on several occasions, and each time he has provided an excellent service with first class results at a very reasonable cost.

Professional and accommodating, I would not hesitate to recommend Nigel and Colour Smart for all your car repairs.

Mr R Carey, Aston Clinton

The SMART System

Vehicle SMART repair is a trade recognised alternative to the traditional body shop repair.

One of the main benefits is that, unlike a traditional body shop, most repairs within the SMART (small to medium area repair technology) repair concept can be carried out within a day, and at a price which is at least 50% less that traditional body shop costs.

Our car service makes it a very convenient and cost effective alternative.

The Colour Smart system carries a lifetime guarantee (based on your ownership of the vehicle).

Unlike traditional body shop repairs, only the area damaged is refinished, which preserves the integrity of the original paintwork.

The Colour Smart paint system is also fully compliant with EU legislation, so enabling us to carry out repairs without the need for expensive spray booths.

Your local specialist has over seventeen years experience in Smart Repair.

Paintwork Scratches & Scuffs

We are usually able to repair scratches and scuffs without repainting the whole panel.

This reduces cost and time, ensuring your car is back on the road with minimum inconvenience.

Alloy Wheels

Most alloy wheels can be restored to showroom condition.

We repair rim and spoke damage usually caused by kerbing.

Door Mirrors

Split, scuffed and scratched door mirrors can be repaired and repainted.

Paintless Dent Removal

Minor dents are removed without the need to repaint the damaged area.

This is fast, invisible and cost effective.

Parking and trolley dents — as well as bonnet, roofs and boot lids — are usually suited to this process.

Bumper Scuffs/Scrapes

We paint the damaged area only.

Repairs are normally completed within one day or less.  

Bumper scratches/scuffs and split bumpers are repaired using our SMART process.

Textured Inserts

We can repair textured bumpers/inserts and most exterior trim.